Hi, I’m Andrea, a food and restaurant industry writer in Toronto. This blog is where I get to explore the world of food around me and try to answer the questions I have about the people and systems behind the food we eat.

I find it really surprising how little we know about our food - where it comes from, who the farmers are that are growing what ends up on our grocery store shelves, the systems that get our avocados from Mexico to our toast, and the million other random questions I have lingering about ingredients from cheese to chicken to tofu to why everyone’s eating smoothies with a spoon all of a sudden.

“Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.”
— Sophia Loren

Like any other food blog, there are recipes here too. I like simple, uncomplicated, sort-of-easy meals. When I was teaching myself to cook, I used to grab a big basketful of ingredients and spend hours chopping everything perfectly, but lately I’m less into that and more into three-ingredient toasts and figuring out super simple salads. I’m currently teaching myself about flavour and pairings, specifically trying to solve the equation of how to take a couple of ingredients and turn them into something delightful. I’ll pass what I learn onto you.

If you were to think of this blog as a meal, it's less a perfectly stylized smoothie bowl and more like a pot of soup whipped up from what was in the fridge. Equally as nourishing, just a little more ‘real’.